Our Position

What We Believe

We believe it is our collective social repsonsibility to  provide housing that serves the needs and supports the lives of families, children, seniors, young singles and renters across all sectors of our society.  It is imperative that rental housing pricing be in balance with the broadest range of local income levels, so that area tenants of middle to very-low income ranges also have access to predictable and stable rental housing.


Our Mission 

We are dedicated to seving the needs of tenants facing housing instability due to:  economic displacement (caused by rent increases) ,  emergency housing loss (resulting from No-Cause Evictions or natural disasters),  and homelessness.

What We Do

Our role is  assisting displaced tenants in: maintaining and/ or acquiring temporary or long term safe, affordable housing, receiving emergency transition funding, accessing vital community resources and preventing homelessness.      

We empower tenants to take direct collective action telling our stories, voicing our needs and standing up for ourselves, our families and our communities.

We believe that an affordable and stable housing market must be preserved to serve the basic needs of all members of our community.

Our Community

We are tenants of all ages, cultures, income levels, gender and sexual orientations, political and religious ideologies.  We are joining forces, organizing and stopping the unsustainable escalating rent burdens and displacement of tenants that is ruining lives and leading to homelessness.

“We stand for housing— people of all income levels can afford!”

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