Norma Storm 88 years old - Priced Out

I met Norma Storm  at Gresham Station Apartments during a housing meeting with other  tenants facing increasing rents that they can no longer afford.  This building is a Section 42 Tax Credit supposedly  "affordable housing"   for low income renters. 

Gresham Mayor Bemis has ignored Gresham renters facing displacement and houselessness as a result of gentrification and increasing rents.  Many seniors who are long time renters like Norma, are about to lose their apartment homes.  

June Blank - Management Neglects Repairs

June Blank shares her frustration with management at Fairview Apartments.  "There is dirty water coming from the dishwasher.  The stove is non-working.   My pantry doors are falling off again.  I have had it!"

Carliss Bates Housing Activist Displaced

Long time housing activist Carliss Bates sits down with Marih Alyn-Claire, tenant advocate discussing  how rent increases in Portland, forced her to move out of the Portland Metro area.

Pat Murray TBI Support Leader

Senior and long time brain injury support leader and founder of The Brain Injury Help Center shares her multiple moves from down town Portland  and back trying to stay one step ahead of the high rents.  

Pamela Gillis

Friend and -neighbor Pamela Gillis shares her story of displacement following the death of her son.   

Terri Lee Tenants No Cause Eviction

Four very low income  tenants at the Teri Lee Apts. in SE Portland sit outside and share with Guy Berliner of Portland Tenants United  and Marih Alyn-Claire about the poor living conditions and no cause eviction following the sale of the property.   

Slum Terri Lee Property

X-tenant of Terri Lee Apartments discusses the blight conditions maintained by management and why she moved out.  

Impact of Displacement on Senior Health

Milwaukie tenant Pamela Gillis, discusses the impact on her health after being rent evicted from her apartment home.