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In an emergency we have to consider alternatives to keep ourselves sheltered and safe. These links were provided by Emily Lance on Facebook Jan 29, 2016.  Feel free to share.

Couch Surfing and Home Share:

Work for your stay or Host Volunteers:

Work exchange for stay London only:…/
Flatshare work exchange opportunities UK:

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms): an exchange – In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.…/organic-farming/volunteer-abroad-1…/WWOOF-organic-farm-volunteers-inte…

Other “good” food jobs, often a stay can be worked into salary or hourly pay:

Work for stay at hostels:…/hos…/hostel-jobs-available

The Hitchhikers guide to hitchhiking the World:

Hospitality exchange for Hitchhikers & other travels – newer website started in UK, quickly gaining members:

An innovative app using groups and mutual friends to help find you a “trusted” place to stay – Made for iPhone but has a web app also:

Startup App, “Friends of Friends Crowdfunding”

Hospitality exchange for cyclists:

Stay with a local instead of a hotel (or host) for much less than typical accommodations:

Exchange Homes with another Family temporarily (rather than paying for hotel accommodations in another Country):

Last Minute Travel Deals & More:

Farm Stays (you don’t work, you pay discounted rates for living accommodations on a farm and also learn the workings of a farm):

Desperate with nowhere to stay and fresh out of alternatives? Make a career out of it, or supplement your income. Consider house sitting – get paid and/or get a free place to stay in exchange for tending to someone’s home while they’re away:

(Helpful guide to becoming a house-sitter:…/)

Want something totally unusual? Get some peace at a Monastery stay. Often priced at $50/night but most will accept whatever donation you can afford, or free if no means to pay:…/15-monastery-stays-worldwide/…/trav…/monastery-stays-travel/index.html

Also, get paid to help people relocate their vehicles:


Please leave us your comments and let us know what worked and what didn’t.

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