Tenant support Organizations

Community Alliance of Tenants

Oregon's  largest state wide tenant support organization.  

  • Hotline 
  • Tenant education 
  • Tenant /landlord dispute  interventions and training 

www.oregoncat.org 503-288-0130

NW Pilot Projects

Provides support for seniors 55 and older:

  • Find rental housing
  • Temporary shelter
  • Funds for moving 

Contact: 503-227-5605


Portland Tenants United

A growing tenant led: 

  • Tenant Union 
  • Advocacy and rapid response actions
  • Direct stance against predatory landlords 


Pueblo Unido

Hispanic Tenants Rights Organization 

United with Gresham Tenants 

facing gentrification and rent evictions

Share your story at Gresham City Hall

Contact: Cam  fb.me/pueblounidopdx


Jobs with Justice

Workers, and tenants rights  

Legislative campaigns

Racial  justice in labor



Protecting Against Displacment


How Vulnerable Are You?

The fear of losing ones' home is a agonizing stressor especially for low/fixed income tenants;   

  • Seniors 
  • People with disabilities
  • Single parents
  • Part-time &  low wage earners
  • Families with children 
  • Those experiencing job loss  

Tenants live under constant threat of being priced out and or displaced due to no cause evictions, property sales, and owner move-backs.  

Survival Requires Planning and Preparation

  • Research new affordable housing projects
  • Sign up on multiple housing wait-lists
  • Watch for signs of  pending sale activity at your residence  ( men and women in suits inspecting the facility and sudden refurbishing of units, replacing cabinets, bathroom fixtures, carpets Etc.)
  • Talk with and get to know your neighbors
  • ​Notice when multiple moving trucks start showing up  and your neighbors are all leaving.

Portland Metro Relocation Ordinance

Be aware of Portland's Relocation Ordinance: Giving tenants  a 45 day requirement to say "Yes I want to move " to your landlord, in order to receive relocation funds, once they give you a 90 day notice or a rent increase above 10%.


Managing Displacement

Assess your Situation


An abrupt survival move under time and    financial duress, precipitated by huge rent increases, a no-cause eviction, within a marketplace of low vacancies and few

    available affordable housing options can      set many displaced renters into a whirlwind.  

Assess your Needs and Resources

  • Deposit and moving costs Unless you live within Porland's Relocation Ordinance boundaries, you may be struggling to afford hundreds of dollars for deposits, plus the $3000+ for  first and last month's rent that your family is unprepared  prepared to handle.  
  • How much rent you can afford?
  • Your Credit Score
  • Apartment size, location & amenities

You may or may not have sufficient good   credit to be competitive in a property owner's market. Therefore you may not qualify for the apartment that best suits your needs.  You may have to settle for a smaller unit or one that adds greater distance to and from 

your work or school.

 What kinds of assistance do need?   

  • Applications
  • Child care
  • Packing
  • Transportation to and from properties
  • Movers
  • Moving Funds


Create A Self Care Plan


  • Avoid Issolation
  • Talk with someone you trust
  • Sit down with family members and listen with a open heart and mind.
  • Receive Support from family, friends, your doctor, counselor  or clergy.
  • Allow you and your family  to grieve the loss of your home, sense of security,  cherished belongings, your old neighborhood, school, contact with friends (children are especially affected) etc. 

Seek Help from Community Organizations

  • Housing
  • Funding for deposits, moving expenses
  • Packing and moving day help
  • Finding a new school for your kids 
  • Try and get extra rest and maintain a healthy diet
  • Avoid depending on mind altering substances 
  • Go for walks, get moderate exercise. 
  • Find small ways to support other renters. (join a support  group, write a letter to city officials, make phone calls  and share your housing search with others.
  • Engage in 503activities  for fun and relaxation

Your Relocation Plan


Write it down

Getting your plan  down on paper and out of your head can help reduce stress.  

  • Set a move  time-line
  • Set your move-out date
  • Housing search (set deadlines)
    Available Housing List
    Location & Affordability 

Assess Your Resources:

  • Money in the bank
  • Get extra hours at work
  • Stuff you can sell
  • Community help

Estimate the cost of your move: 

  • Packing materials
  • Deposits
  • 1st and last months rent
  • Moving van & # hours
  • Items for  new apartment (lamps, storage, furnishings)
  • Storage unit
  • Paring down
    Room by room, drawers, cabinets, closets, basement,  attic, garage, storage unit,
  • purge things that are old, no longer needed, broken, worn, torn and unusable.

​  Notifications

 30-day move-out notice to     management

Find Replacement Housing

Get room dimensions

(make sure your furnishings  and other items will fit)

Set move-in date/time

  • Schedule movers
  • Have back-up option just in case ​
  • Pack each room


Pre-Move check-List


One Week Before Your  Move

  • Confirm readiness of your new residence.
  • Talk with moving company and movers:

     moving date, start & end time, price,

     insurance, # of movers

  • Reserve your rental truck
  • Be 70 - 80 % packed leaving out only

    necessities E.G. food, clothing, supplies.

  • Complete change of address

Moving Day


  •  Know Your Moving Order
    Decide on order of items to be loaded onto the moving truck (these will be the last out)  
  •  Have necessities handy
    E.G., paperwork,  food,        bathroom & bedding items, ,change of clothes, cleaning tools and supplies
  • Check and clean apartment before vacating.
  • Do a complete walk -thru with landlord or friend  to verify condition of your unit.
    Best to take video of entire apartment including carpeting, walls, ceilings, fixtures, appliances, and inside of cabinets, drawers and closets  ( to ensure you get your full deposit refunded). 


It is important for renters to know your rights and responsibilities under Oregon law. 

The Community alliance of Tenants offer regular Tenants Rights Workshops throughout the Portland metro area.  You can contact their hot-line at: 503-288-0130. or www.oregoncat.org