Joyce Hotel Tenants Receive a 90-day No-Cause Eviction Notice

After decades of being in operation, Portland’s Joyce Hotel for the homeless is closing due to the sale of the building.  All occupants have received a “no-cause”  eviction notice and will have to be out by March 30th 2016.  Read about it here in Street Roots:

The End of the Joyce Hotel: Where will the homeless go?

Senior Man Eviction Update 1/7/16

Margot Black of Portland Tenants United reports:


Tonight, the property management company of Raleigh Firs Apartments rescinded their eviction of this 73-year-old long-term tenant.  We are happy to learn that he will be able to remain in his apartment. We hope they will follow through on repairs without further harrassment or incident.

Tenant solidarity and standing together = VICTORY!


No-Cause Eviction of Senior Man, A Stable Tenant of 33 Years

Reported by Margot Black  with Portland Tenants United on 1/5/16.

At 11:59 PM on Sunday, a 73-year old man must be out of the 1-bedroom apartment he has lived in for OVER 30 YEARS. If he hasn’t moved, the sheriff will remove him from his long-time home and change the locks. He doesn’t know why this is happening to him — he has always paid rent on time. His neighbors, many of whom have been there many years, adore him and consider him family. They are not being asked to move. And now they fear for their own housing security. They worry that if this could happen to him, it could happen to them. He doesn’t have anywhere to go, and he doesn’t want to move.

No one knows why a long-term good tenant, good neighbor, and committed community member is being singled out to leave the only community he has. His attorney and the Fair Housing Council have asked, but the management company, a company that owns and operates over 2000 units in the Portland area, will not say.

What we know is that he is Muslim, and in this time of extreme fear and distrust, he feels that might be a factor. And we also know that the building, and his apartment in particular, has had very serious maintenance problems related to age and moisture from a leaky roof; he has had to be *very* persistent in his requests for management to address these issues. He has tried to challenge this in court but, unfortunately, what they are doing is completely legal. But it is unjust.

On FRIDAY AT 9 AM, we will show the property management company that the community does not support the legal displacement of senior citizens from their long-time homes and communities.

We will demand that this man’s lease be renewed. We will demand that landlords recognize that their financial decisions have life-threatening consequences for our elderly and vulnerable neighbors. That they must be responsible members of our community. And that, if they fail to do this, there will be consequences.

If we don’t prevent this eviction, he will be homeless. To be successful, we must gather as a community in his defense to demand accountability.

Defending a no-cause eviction is unprecedented. We absolutely need you to show up to show your support and conviction that this must stop.

Location:   Raleigh Firs Apts. 6239 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway        

Time: 9:00AM


Activists *Might* Rally Tomorrow to Keep a 73-Year-Old Man in His Home   POSTED BY SHELBY R. KING ON THU, JAN 7, 2016 AT 2:14 PM

Mass Evictions

SOLD OUT! Out By Halloween 

-bd0462f42147f186 Mary Gabelsberger and all other tenants evicted from SE Apt.

Mary Gabelsberger and entire building of SE Portland Tenants Evicted given 30 days notice to vacate  by 10/31/15.  

Reported by Luke Hammil- Oregonian Live

SE Apartment Building Sold and Tenants Given no-Cause Eviction


Reported by Marih Alyn-Claire & Guy Berliner

Displaced Tenants At Terri Lee Apartments Speak Out!

The new landlord, Fox Mgmt, bought out a private landlord named Robert Norton. The previous landlord had a dubious record according to residents. The new company appears to have done nothing to rectify the situation, but lost no time in issuing these mass eviction notices within weeks of taking over.

Financial Evictions 

pamela gillis snap shot

Reported by Marih Alyn-Claire

70 + year old Pamela Gillis has 5 months to find replacement housing after being told by manager Don Shallcross of Heatherbrae Commons Apartments that her rent will go up by $500 per month when her lease expires March 2015.  Priced out of market-rate housing with a Section 8 Voucher from Clackamas County, she shares her story.

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