Choosing Progressive Thinking Leaders

Portland City Council Candidate Joann Hardesty

Joann Hardesty brings over 28 years of public service experience to the race for Portland City Council seat #3 replaceing  Dan Salzman.  

Her goal is to bring greater accessibility to city government and create multigenerational affordable housing communities with  attached services.  She is also committed to bringing living wage greens jobs to our city via Clean Energy Trusts.

Listen to Joann discuss why she is the right candidate for Portland City Council 2018. 

  https://www.Joann at

Oregon Metro Council District 4 Candidate Dana Carstensen

Dana Carstensens's background and education in the areas of city planning and progressive energy system development will benefit Oregonians via lower energy costs, better air quality and affordable housing development via Community Land Trusts and Limited Equity Cooperatives.  He wants to create systems of housing stability Vs cheap emergency housing and our market system of housing profiteering. 

Listen to Dana share his vision on No More Fools/ You Tube  April 1st 2018.

State Representative Candidates Shemia Fagan & Kayse Jama

Listen to State Representative Candidates: Kayse Jama and Shemia Fagan in City Club Forum debate April 6, 2018  to unseat veteran State Representative Rod Monroe, on issues of housing (rent stabilization, No cause evictions, affordability), economic justice/jobs, transportation, prison reform  and more.  

Renter advocate groups are opposed to Rod Monroe due to his opposition to rent reform and removing no cause evictions from state law.

State Representative Kenny-Guyer

Tenant lobbyist gather at the office of Oregon House Representative Alissa Kenny-Guyer (D-46)  in  support of:

 HB 2001 repealing statewide prohibition on city and county ordinances regulating rents. 

HB 2004 Prohibits landlord from terminating month-to-month tenancy without cause except under certain circumstances with 90 days written notice and payment of relocation expenses.


HB 2004 led the way for Commissioner Eudaly and Mayor Wheeler of Portland City Council to provide Portland renters  the  protections of a permanent Relocation Ordinance March 2018. 


State Represenative Dembro

Senate Representative Michael Dembro, met with tenant lobbyist in support of fair rents, increasing affordable housing and banning no cause evictions.

Other House Supporters:

Rep. Margaret Doherty (D35)

Rep. Chris gorsek (D49)

Rep. Tina Kotek (D44)

Rep. John Lively (D12)

Rep. Sheri Malstrom (D27)

Rep. Nancy Nathans (D13)

Rep. Rob Nosse (D42)

Rep. Carla Piluso (D50)

Rep. Tawna Sanchez (D43)

Rep. Barbara Smith Warner (D45)

Tenant Campaigns

Gresham Housing For The People Coalition

Tenants are organizing and demanding that Gresham City Council provide  protections to the many tenants facing displacement and houselessness due to high rent prices, gentrification and the lack of affordable housing.  

Listen to  tenant leader Cam Coval of Pueblo Unido PDX share their campaign. 

 You can join Cam on Face Book

Go to City of Gresham City Council video 4/3/18  @31:21 min to hear tenant testimony.

Fun, Singing and Campaigning

At the close of a 3 day  Jobs With Justice workshop, we were all exhausted  and  a little giddy.  Remembering the power and solidarity of  our work campaigning for housing and fair wages-I wanted to send  JWJ leaders and fellow advocates  a big Thank You!

Marih Alyn-Claire