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Is Inclusionary Zoining Enough?


According to recent 2018 housing trends, the rising costs per square foot and building fees are making apartment developers take pause.  Tenants have to ask, " will a few 8-25 

 low cost units included in some new construction projects provide the 23,000+ units actually needed for pre-displaced renters and houseless persons  living well  below the  median incomes?"   Read: Apartment Construction is Drying Up,

Is Affordable Housing to Blame?

PHB Planned Projects


The Portland Housing Bureau  lists 73 planned inclusionary zoning/low income apartment units within eight multifamily construction projects since February 1, 2017.  Given that it takes at least two - three years to complete a project, renters may wonder how long will it take city officials to realize that inclusionary zoning is more of a pipe-dream Vs a solution to our affordable housing crisis.  See  PHB' s planned project map.

New Reach Construction


Hillsboro: Orghards at Orenco, Phase III 52 apartments - completion date August 2018

Family size units, close to amenities and  

Tri-Met light rail. 

 See other Reach projects




Read About Relocation Assistance

Download "How Relocation Assistance Works" from the Portland Housing Bureau.