The Rent Bomb!

Landlords in the Portland area are hitting tenant households with hundreds of dollars per month in rent increases.  

Tenants find out about this impending rent bomb just as their lease or month to month contract is about to expire. Long-term tenants are shocked after finding out their $1,000/mo 1 BR apartment now costs them $1,400/mo.

Portland area landlords are trying to justify such unprecedented rent increases, claiming “We’re just responding to the area market apartment demand.”

The Rent-Hike Game

Property owners and managers keep adjusting prices upward every few weeks as units become vacant.  Landlords are using the steady stream of incoming potential tenants (especially those migrating from other high-rent states, renting apartments sight unseen) to further inflate Portland area rental prices, creating an exponential rent price explosion.

Who Are the Losers?

This inflationary trend is adversely affecting all renters, but especially the lives of moderate to low-wage income individuals and families with children already over-burdened with rising costs for housing and general living expenses.  Within a tight low-wage, mostly part-time job market, those who can’t afford the inflated rents often leave in the middle of the night, ending up sleeping in their cars as seen on SE 82nd ave.

Priced out!  Nowhere to Go.

Low and fixed-income seniors and people with disabilities (many section 8 Voucher recipients) are the first-wave casualties of a rental market spiraling out of control.  Combined with an over-saturated, under-funded and rapidly dwindling supply of affordable low-income housing alternatives, many Multnomah and Clackamas County low-income tenants are dismayed to find themselves completely priced out and nowhere to go.

Dorian, a volunteer hotline representative from the Community Alliance of Tenants (a local Tenant’s Rights organization), said they are receiving an abundance of calls related to the rent hike issue.

Tenants and other community members are petitioning for a moratorium on rent increases and seeking emergency housing support for displaced low-wage earners, seniors, section 8 tenants and people with disabilities.

We Are Taking Action!

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